The Eden Podcast with Bruce C. E. Fleming

Genesis 3:14-15 Woman’s Enemy

Episode Summary

If the man moved to the side of Satan in joining him as a rebel, the woman moved to God’s side in revealing what Satan did. God noticed! In Genesis 3:14-15, building on her words God condemned Satan with a curse and the promise of ultimate defeat. Then God judged Satan in six ways that God repeated in judging the man!

Episode Notes

God spells out the ultimate doom of the woman's enemy which will come through her. Even though he will persist in his attacks and even though figuratively he will bruise the heel of her offspring, who we know ultimately to be Jesus, her offspring will bruise Satan on the head.

In Genesis 3:15, in God’s last words to the serpent, God prophesies that the woman’s “seed” or “offspring” (the Hebrew word is zera‘) will defeat the Tempter. Bad news for the Tempter, but good news for the woman and all humanity!

God's words of Good News, called the protevangelium, carry over into God's first words to the woman in Genesis 3:16. God will certainly give her conception of the Offspring who will vanquish Satan!

Sadly, most modern translations of Genesis 3:16 cover over this promise and make 3:16 sound like a virtual curse. These mistranslations must be corrected! We need a true 316.

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